About Us

 Our goals include:

  • To build and progress knowledge, thinking skills, abilities, and the potential of children and young adults.
  • To improve and advance the teaching ability of teaching professionals.
  • To enhance and develop the role and understanding of family towards child learning and development.

These goals are interwoven into the following services we offer:

  • The ability to consult on and provide large choices of textbooks, teaching and learning media, references and additional resources based on the Thai Ministry of Education Curriculum Framework, as well as on particular school requirements. We offer a wide range of products from various Thai and foreign publishers.
  • Provide workshops and training for professional development, cooperating with various field experts from Thailand and other countries, with in-house service or at our location.
  • Consult on curriculum management and implementation, instruction, school system management, and techniques.
  • Initiate a network between Learning Tree Co. Ltd., schools, communities, and educational organizations both in Thailand and other countries.
  • Set up motivating and challenging activities for children and young adults, including school competitions.